Why self-catering apartments?

Simply put, for the comfort and convenience!  There are quite a few advantages to choosing self catering apartments in London instead of cramming yourself into a dull hotel room. Two obvious reasons are that you get more space for your money and you have more freedom to come and go as you please, but let’s talk about some of the other reasons. Watch TV in ease from your sofa, not sitting on a bed; cook your own meals whenever suits you best;  have a meeting with your colleagues in comfort and style or invite some friends over for a drink on your balcony.  Resting, planning tomorrow, entertaining or working in one of our cared for and comfortable homes is simply better!

The comfort of self catering apartments in London


The extra space you will find in fully furnished self catering apartments makes your stay so much more comfortable and pleasing. Relax on your sofa at the end of the day or catch up with some work or correspondence sitting at a desk or dining table. Families and friends travelling in a group will appreciate the extra room to spread out in and be alone for a while. Take a quiet nap or put the little one’s to bed away from the noise of the TV.  Enjoy the fact that it’s also so much more interesting this way.


The sheer convenience and flexibility of having a kitchen to cook in on your trip is one of the things that makes a self catering apartment so attractive, especially for families and people travelling with children. In central London you will have access to wonderful food markets, shops and deli’s where you can stock up on produce which is diverse and fresh.  Tired from the previous day’s sightseeing?  Sleep late, then prepare your favourite breakfast with your coffee the way you like it. Or send your teenager down to get some croissants, muffins or English crumpets at the bakery on the corner.


Having a washing machine, iron & board and a hairdryer to hand will appeal to all of you, we know, but especially to the one’s travelling with young children or teenagers!  Have fun and don’t worry about clothes getting muddy or wet in the park.  Go running and play sports like you do at home.  Your favourite party dress can be ready to wear again in a jiffy – all it takes is the same organisation and fore-thought that you use at home.


Some of our self catering apartments will have their own outdoor space such as a balcony or a terrace and if you’re lucky a garden.  Your own outdoor space is a real treat and it will make your stay in London even more delightful and fun. Whether it’s a small space with a table and chair for two, or the possibility of having access to the communal gardens that belong to your apartment, grab a book and a glass of wine and head out there.  Put your jumper on and take your hot cup of tea with you if it’s cold – the view from the balcony will be worth it!

People choose our short term lets for various reasons. What they all have in common, however, is a desire to enjoy everything London has offer and to look forward to returning to their self catering apartments to rest and relax. We guarantee our short let flats will fit the bill and will provide you with the ease and comfort you are looking for. Whether you’re on a sightseeing trip, an extended working stay, a romantic city break for two or a well deserved week away in London with your family – take a closer look at everything our modern and well presented homes have to offer. We want you to have the best time that you possibly can in our great capital city, with all the comfort and convenience of home.