VISIT LONDON with the experts

You love London, we love London. So far, so simple.  There are so many advantages of booking your stay in this great and complex capital city with your short let London experts. With those in the know; those who are street wise; those who call this wonderful town home. The proverb says: “To learn about the road ahead, ask those coming back.” Let’s paraphrase and say Learn about London from those who love to live here. Stay with us when you visit London and rest assured that we have you covered. We are happy to offer you useful and essential information, insider knowledge, handy tips and hints, good advice and fun facts.



Detail, again. Find free maps to help you travel to your short let London accommodation – find out in advance not only which underground stations are closest to you, but which lines they are on and which travel zone you are in. Plan ahead with our help when you visit London and you will have more time and energy to devote yourself to having fun. And London is just perfect for having fun in!



It becomes clear to visitors and tourists right away just how big this city is, even when you stay mainly in the centre when you visit London. Walking is the nicest and easiest way of getting around and many of the most popular and sought after central neighbourhoods are easily explored on foot. Sometimes, however, a bus, a tube or even a cab ride is the way to go. We offer some excellent advice and useful information about the many way of travelling in London, the most convenient and cost effective way to pay your fare and about transport in London in general.



We are rather proud of our short let London area guides. We know that when you plan to visit London and have chosen a short let flat that suits you, you will want to know all about it’s location and surroundings. Or perhaps you have chosen one of our holiday homes specifically because of the neighbourhood it’s in. Either way, it’s important that all the information we provide is accurate, informative and hopefully a little entertaining too. We like to think you get all of these from us as we are local and we know what we are talking about.



Check out our wonderful series of guides about which of the capitals museums and galleries have no entrance fee whatsoever. You will find almost all of the most well known and many of your favourites among them, with some surprises.  Then there’s the great and wonderful open green spaces of the capital that come in many types and sizes and everyone looks forward to spending time in when they visit London. It could be an intimate garden square with a bench to sit on, a delightful royal park with ancient trees or a vast rambling heath with roaming deer. We also take you down to the river and on a trip by the canals which is great fun for all the family.  Fresh air, wild life, lakes, rivers and trees become even more important when you are in a big, noisy city.



All good things come to an end, and time flies when you’re having fun. Both of these go double when you visit London. We like to make sure that your departure is as stress free as your visit and that you have only good memories of your stay in one of our short lets, including your journey home. In our Left Luggage post we inform you where you can leave your bags if you have a few hours of free time and don’t want to be burdened by luggage or heavy coats. We offer excellent advice about the often complex task of travelling to the airport and we offer you the alternate option of using our very own mini cab driver who can take you there in style, if you prefer not to go by public transport.


We wish you the best possible time when you visit London with us.  It’s an incredible place to spend time either as a tourist, a frequent visitor or as a local. You learn something new and interesting every day here, and that goes for us local short let London experts too!