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The green glories of summer in the big city may be coming to an end, but fear not.  Enjoying some of London’s outstanding indoor delights found close to your short let London home is perfect this time of year, as the weather turns cooler. Here is just a handful of reasons why we can never get enough of the capital’s great museums and galleries and how they can still surprise and delight us, no matter how many times we have been before.

World famous Art & Culture – all completely free of charge

Many visitors who are staying in one of our short let London homes forget that some of the most famous and popular museums and galleries that they plan to visit, such as The National Gallery, The Natural History Museum and The British Museum, have no entrance fee.  London can be an expensive place, so it’s rather delightful to have such wonders and glories of art and culture laid out before you, without charge.  See The London’s Agent’s guide to London’s free attractions for more details.

Museums at Night

Museums at Night takes place twice a year in London and the October slot is coming up. Who can pass up the chance to view a favourite museum or gallery in a new and exciting way.  These nighttime workshops and guided tours give you the chance to view the treasures on show in a very different light – adding a spooky angle where possible, of course.  Prepare to be amazed and informed as usual, but this time it’s after dark. Any of our Kensington short let London homes have The Natural History, The Science and the Victoria & Albert Museums close by.

A museum or gallery for everyone

London boasts over 180 museums and 3 of the top ten museums of the world are to be found in the capital.  There are over 800 art galleries to explore, too. Favourites and popular choices such as the National Portrait Gallery or Tate Modern are well loved, both for their permanent collections and their special exhibitions. Investigate some of the smaller, more obscure collections on offer in London – from the quirky to the downright bizarre, such as The Museum of Brands and Packaging in Notting Hill.

The British Museum Underground Station

Never heard of this tube stop? That’s because it doesn’t exist anymore. The British Museum is the most visited museum in London, perhaps the world! It once had it’s very own underground station to accommodate the sheer number of visitors that flock to view it’s 8 million objects all year round, as they still do. Holborn Underground finally took over as one of the tube stops close to this great institution and the museum’s own station was demolished.  Each of our short let London homes has it’s own area and transport guide.

House Museums of London: How the famous lived and worked

Many famous and renowned Englishmen and foreigners who made London their home have had their houses turned into museums.  These homes are charming in their detail and are a fascinating blend of the domestic and the industrious. Learn things about such intellectual and artistic greats such as Keats, Freud and the fictional Sherlock Holmes that you never knew before, as you wander round their private homes. See The London Agent’s Guide to some of these house museums to find out which one is close to your short let London holiday let.



If you are staying with us in one of our short let London homes you will know of the hustle and bustle of our capital city, of people and traffic rushing to and fro on street level. The highest point most of us reach on a normal day here might be the top of a double decker bus, crossing a bridge or a trip to Primrose Hill.  One of our team visited the top of The Shard recently and was amazed how beautiful and calm London is, seen from such dizzy heights. Take a trip with us up to the high ground to see London in a new and spectacular way.


The viewing platform in the Shard Building on the 72nd floor (reached by no less than 2 lift journeys) is London’s highest and The Shard is Western Europe’s tallest building. Thousands of years of history is clearly felt and seen from up here and it’s thrilling.  Admire the meandering Thames as it curves and rolls, like on a map.  Name the bridges, pick out The Tower of London, Battersea Power Station and St Paul’s Cathedral and see how many old church spires you can spot, hidden and dwarfed as they are by sleek high rise buildings. Once upon an ancient time, these spires were the tallest things around.


Good old reliable Tower Bridge, surely the most iconic bridge of all in London.  This is not the one that was falling down (that’s London Bridge) but the one that opens to let tall ships pass. It’s exciting new glass walkway allows you to watch the people, buses, cars and cyclists crossing the bridge and boats sailing on the Thames under it, 42 metres below you right under your feet.  Should you get the heebie jeebies up there, stop looking down and look out at the amazing views of London and the river from this famous bridge. Don’t miss the Great Bridges of the World exhibition on show here.


How about London watching in motion, at night?  London’s cable car will take you on a thrilling ride over the Thames to view East London as you’ve never seen it before, by day or by night.  Cruising at around 90 metres, you will fly over the Royal Docks, The Olympic Park, Canary Wharf and the O2, finally ending up in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Spend the day here and visit the Royal Observatory, The Maritime Museum and Greenwich market.  Use your Oyster card on the cable car and there is a longer ride on offer that costs just a little extra, for those who want more!


For those who like the idea of viewing in motion, but in a calm and gentle way, London Eye is the one for you. One revolution of this giant wheel takes 30 minutes to complete, giving you plenty of time to take in all the splendour below. This rather lovely ferris wheel on the Southbank is ideal for the whole family. It’s riverside location in the heart of London is a superb one and this popular attraction is well worth spending a little time in the queue for.  Catching sight of this perfect circle of steel lit up in colour at night from your short let London holiday home, is enchanting.

Any one of our centrally located short let London apartments are a quick and easy journey away from all of these attractions.  We wish you happy viewing and hope that you will be as moved and inspired by looking down on London, as we were.

Stroll over to Brick Lane Market from your short let london home

Brick Lane has become one of the most well known of London Street markets. The Indian restaurants lining half the street are legend; the bagel deli’s often have queues reaching out of their doors and onto the street; and the shops and market stalls dedicated to vintage clothing are numerous and stuffed with great finds.  Any of our fabulous short let London homes will have a quick and easy journey time to Brick Lane Market where you can browse, shop, marvel and eat to your heart’s content.


Brick Lane is well worth seeking out when you visit London and is easy to get to from any of our short let London holiday homes.  If you are after kitsch collectables and unique clothing items that would not sit well in a high street store on Oxford Street, this is the place to come.  Find an original and quirky gift for yourself or a loved one, a fun piece of bric-a-brac, or a lovely accessory or piece of clothing that will have you explaining to everyone who sees you where you bought it. Come early to nab the bargains and the best that the markets have to offer, before the crowds arrive – it will be worth it.

After all that browsing and haggling, you will need to re-charge your batteries.  Choose from the many excellent Indian and Bangladeshi curry houses all around Brick Lane that have some of the best food of this kind in all of London. Don’t fancy a curry?  There are many food stalls inside the market offering up a wonderful variety of local and international wares that are too lengthy to go into here. Rest assured you will not go hungry! When you need a good cup of coffee later in the day, the local Italian cafes will be happy to help.


The Old Truman Brewery now known as Brick Lane Market houses several markets which are:  The Sunday Upmarket, The Backyard Market, The Tearooms, The Boiler House Food Hall and finally, The Vintage Market. The Vintage Market is definitiley one of the most popular and you will find vintage clothing and accessories here from the 1920’s to the 1990’s and also vintage records and other bric a brac. Check the Brick Lane Market website for opening hours and more information about each of the markets before leaving your short let London apartment to avoid disappointment.


Without a doubt it is the street art that gives Brick Lane real curb appeal and has everybody snapping away on every corner, so go with your camera for a real sensory feast. The art is ever changing, expanding and moving around, as new artists arrive, eager to impress –  so even if you have been before, it’s worth coming again to see what’s new. This urban art on London’s ancient and historical streets and walls will thrill and amaze all generations; it is the old and the new working together in a thrilling, exciting way.

Whether you have chosen a short let London home in the cool East End or the historic City, make sure you head off to Brick Lane Market to have a good look around. There is something here for everybody.