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Rabbit is a small and quirky Chelsea bistro on the fashionable King’s Road.



  • The effort made to be different, both in the cosy decor and the fun food.
  • Unusual ingredient combinations not be found in more traditional (humdrum) restaurants.
  • Small portions which are great when you are not very hungry but nevertheless fancy a tasty meal in a pukka restaurant, as opposed to an eat-and-run, high street chain.
  • Emphasis on fresh, local and seasonal produce.



  • Service can be slooow.
  • Cramped tables and been crammed up against a storage unit the waiting staff have to access repeatedly.
  • Tiny portions – not so good when you are actually ravenous or usually have a big appetite. You would need to order at least three dishes if you go there hungry and the cost is then relatively high.


Well worth a visit, or two, if you are game to try different taste sensations – some work better than others but it is fun experimenting. But visit when they are not fully booked and you are not starving hungry.



If you are staying at our Chelsea Modern SW10, you are a short walk from Rabbit and can easily nip in and give it a try.

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