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Some people love them and others maybe not so much.  Whatever your view, our urban red fox is as much part of London life as the pigeons on Trafalgar Square and the mice in the underground stations.  Oh sorry, had you not noticed the mice yet?

Urban foxes started to move into London after WWII and we currently we have about 10.000.00. Contrary to urban myths, the urban fox does not habitually kill cats and steal babies from their cradles.  In reality they are shy and timid creatures preferring to keep their distance from us humans.  They do, however, love our green spaces created by suburban gardens and public parks.  They do also raid our bins and bin bags, but not as much as you may expect as birds, rodents, worms and insects are their preferred choice of food.

If you are fortunate you may spot one in the garden of your short let London home – enjoying a peaceful snooze in the sun or larking about with siblings.  If not, get your cuteness fix at fox-fortnight where there are plenty of posts to show you what you are missing. For more information and to offer your support visit The Fox Project.

are you a londoner?

You know you are well on your way to becoming a Londoner:

  • When you own wellies and a mac – as in raincoat – and you enjoy using them. Particularly for walking the dog.
  • When you own numerous brollies but you never use them because, hey, it’s just a bit of water.
  • When you own wellies, a mac or two, numerous brollies but seldom use them, preferring rather to dash from doorway to doorway in your dainty pumps and protecting yourself by crossing your arms and huddling over. It’s only water!