Short term rentals London – Carnaby Street, Soho

If you are a dedicated follower of fashion then you should choose one of our short term rentals London near the always fabulous Carnaby Street in London’s West End. This popular pedestrianised street in the heart of London is as trendy and visited as it ever was during it’s swinging sixties heyday.


Enjoy browsing and shopping in the many small boutiques and other fashion retailers here and take a break in one of the many good cafes and restaurants on the street itself and nearby. All of your shopping and entertainment requirements will be met, should you be smart enough to choose a short term rentals London here.  In 1966, Lady Jane opened it’s doors and it was one of the first ladies fashion boutiques, becoming well known quickly and attracting the rich and infamous from around the globe. It was also around this time that the street became pedestrianised, to make strolling and window shopping easier.  Probably also to allow fashionistas to strut their stuff in style.


Carnaby Street’s association with the swinging sixties and the music scene is well documented. Many of the most popular bands and musicians back then were playing in the clubs around Soho, or recording there. Soon, most of the best and successful fashion designers of the day had their boutiques here, such as Mary Quant, so it didn’t take long for the fashion and music world to join forces and make this part of central London one of the most hip and happening! The number of famous songs that mention Carnaby Street are too numerous to mention and many music videos have been filmed here. Carnaby Street, The Musical opened in 2013 and is set in the sixties.


Carnaby Street lies in Soho, with Oxford Street and Regent Street a mere stroll away.  The nearest underground station is Oxford Circus. What else could you ask for in the way of location for your short term holiday let? Enjoy all the shops, department stores, entertainment and places of interest that Soho and it’s equally fabulous neighbouring areas have to offer.

Read our area guide for Soho to find out more about this popular and well loved part of The West End and it’s surroundings. Have a look at our excellent selection of short term rentals London in this area and pick the one that suits you best!