Short term rentals London – THE PIAZZA at Covent Garden

Coven’t Garden’s Piazza is one of the best known and most loved open squares in central London.  Anyone who chooses one of our short term rentals London here or close by, is fortunate indeed. This thriving, busy, fun and popular open space is as alive and filled with attractions as ever, eagerly visited both by locals and visitors, young and old.


The Piazza was the first modern square in London and a market was started on the south side of it which was eventually completed in 1830.  The market of old was mainly associated with flowers, and Eliza Doolittle, that Fair Lady who acquired a posh accent and charmed  Society, was originally a Covent Garden flower girl. Today’s modern market has many stalls offering a wide variety of goods.


The Piazza and it’s surroundings is filled with cafes & restaurants, shops and boutiques…you can wander around here all day enjoying the hustle and bustle and the energy. Prepare to be tempted by ice-cream parlours and quaint tea shops, that are irresistible. There will be live music to enjoy, often classical, the players competing with the street performers for your time and attention, and hoping for a coin or two for their efforts.


Covent Garden’s street performers and entertainers are licensed and have set time-slots. One of the first to mention this kind of open air theatre and entertainment in this area was Pepys, that famous London diarist of old.  He wrote of a Punch and Judy show he enjoyed in Covent Garden in the summer of 1662.  The delighted laughter of children caught up in the fun and thrill a live performance can still be heard here . Prepare to be shocked out of your sight-seeing and shopping daze by some daring and innovative performers.


This location takes some beating and is one of the most ideal and popular locations for short term rentals London.  Not only do you have all the local splendours to hand, but a close proximity to Leicester Square, Piccadilly, Regent’s Street and Oxford Street. Explore the many interesting side streets of Covent Garden which should not be overlooked. Take a stroll off the beaten square and you will find churches, museums, independent retailers and plenty of good pubs, bars, bistros and restaurants, frequented by locals and visitors alike.

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