Short let London – Fleet Street, The City


Looking for a short let London flat?  Whether it’s for work or for leisure, staying close to Fleet Street and its surroundings is the perfect City location.



Fleet Street with it’s cool, rhyming street name immediately makes you think of busy newspaper men and copy-boys.  The name conjures up haste, industry and everything connected to newspapers in the capital.  This image really is in the past now, although I think that many people still retain this slightly romantic idea of Fleet Street. The press and the media have not ruled here since the 1980’s, and Reuters were the very last to leave in 2005. For hundreds of years before that, it was every young journalist and newspaper man’s dream to work here.  There was no location in all of London that could rival it when it came to the press.



Fleet Street was named for The River Fleet. This river, which now flows underground, was one of London’s largest and it has a fascinating history all it’s own. From the earliest part of the 13th century, this street was known as Fleet Bridge Street and the eastern part of the street was where the River Fleet flowed up to the ancient walls of London. This street and area had many inns, as it was the main route into The City. Many famous and important people frequented these inns, taverns and coffeehouses and some of the original names are still to be found here today, such as Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese.



The Fleet Street of old is no longer there, but the energy and industry of The City remains, in a new and modern form.  London moves on with time and as the old slowly fades away, something exciting replaces it. Fleet Street and its surroundings remains as fascinating and seeped in history as it always was and that’s why many locals and visitors look for a short let London here. You will find that the recent and more distant past never disappears completely in a place such as this. There are traces of it everywhere and the River Fleet flows on beneath the timeless streets of London.


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