Camden Photo Library NW1

Apartment · Short let
From £1,185 per week


Camden Photo Library is a quirky short let London townhouse, originally designed as a photo library in the eighties and now transformed into a super spacious home. Well located on a quiet residential street in popular Camden. Beautiful Regents Park is a short walk away as are Primrose Hill and Camden Town.

On the ground floor, enter off the street to a comfortable dining ‘hall’ with black stone flooring, dining table and chairs for six and a storage cupboard. The spacious living room is adjacent and offers comfortable sofas, one of which is a sofa bed.

A delightful bedroom is upstairs and is a magical space to retreat and listen to the London rain. The room has a double bed, ample storage, TV and skylights with black-out blinds.
The second bedroom is off the living room and offers a double platform bed. This bed is accessed by three steps and is suitable for two adults or children over twelve years old.

Also on the first floor and adjacent to the bedroom is a handy study area complete with desk and chaise longue to ponder or dream. More skylights here to gaze at the London sky.

The kitchen is on a mezzanine level between the ground and first floor. It is fully equipped with fridge, dishwasher, electric hob, full-sized oven, microwave, kettle, toaster and utensils. Small but more than adequate with plenty of storage space.

The bedroom has an en-suite bathroom with a small bath plus overhead shower, WC and basin.
A second bathroom is on the ground floor and is a wet-room with power shower, basin and WC.

Fully furnished and equipped with linen, towels, kitchenware and WiFi.
A high chair and cot may be provided subject to availability – please request when you book.

Camden is a well known area of central London in close proximity to Bloomsbury, Kings Cross, Fitzrovia and Clerkenwell. This private residence offers relaxed accommodation and excellent value in a fun and interesting central London location. From here you are able to whizz into central London, mooch about markets and parks, or cycle calmly along the canals on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Head off in the evening to relax over a drink and some live music



The total rate for your stay will always include linen, towels, exit cleaning, utility bills and WiFi. There are no other charges unless the home is left extremely dirty or damaged.

Rental rates change depending on the length of stay, number of people and the time of year. Please contact us for your own personal quote.

Happening Camden! Home to the alternate and original. Noisy, grungy and always interesting, you could never be bored or un-enthused in Camden Town!

Home to the world famous Market with it's vintage clothing, crafts and original little shops selling almost everything, it would seem, but many leaning towards clothing and music in one way or the other. Here you will find a live music scene that is envied by all, plus enough bars, clubs, music-venues, funky eateries and street food to keep even the most picky tourist fascinated and intrigued for the entire length of their stay!

The canals add a little bit of calm and serenity in an otherwise bustling and busy market atmosphere. They are very pleasant to sit beside with a drink in the summer, to walk by, or just to watch people cycling and walking their dogs. There is always a great duality here with young people hanging out and strumming a guitar with not a care in the world, and those milling around the markets, eager to find that one original gift for someone back home. You're spoiled for choice for the weird, the unusual and the never-seen-before, as far as goods for sale go. The markets themselves are actually divided up into about six areas, each specialising in one thing or another. One sells only Goth style clothing, for example.

Keep walking further along from here and you will find Regent's Park, home to the London Zoo, open-air events and boating, amongst others. Check out the Park's and the Zoo's wonderful website to see all the attractions that they offer and for news of new and upcoming exhibits. There truly is so much to see and do here besides visiting the Reptile House or just lazing on a grassy bank. The London Zoo is a world-class one that inspires and impresses.

If you're still strolling, or bus-hopping (which is always fun) you should have reached Oxford or Regent Street by now. So close to Camden, and so easy to get to from there. What a great and fascinating central London area.

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London NW1 7QE, United Kingdom


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