Short term rentals London – Piccadilly, WESTMINSTER

Piccadilly. Perhaps the most typically English sounding of all the central London street names. Do not feel the need to call it Piccadilly Street, as some visitors do – it’s just Piccadilly, with nothing added.  All of our short term rentals London here benefit from all the historic charm and character of this most central of streets and it’s surroundings.


Piccadilly was not named for piccalilli, which is the English version of an Indian relish made up of chopped vegetables, although people like to connect these two words.  It seems that this melodic and rather unusual name derives from the word piccadill, which was a stiff collar with a broad lace border. An Englishman who made a fortune selling this obviously essential clothing accessory of it’s time, bought land around this part of London in the 1600’s. Up until then, the street was called Portugal Street.


Piccadilly runs from Hyde Park Corner down to Piccadilly Circus, in Westminster. It is one of London’s widest and straightest roads and is home to many noteworthy buildings, businesses and retailers such as Fortnum and Mason’s, The Ritz Hotel, The Royal Academy, Hatchard’s Booksellers and many more. It is a main shopping street, with the equally famous Regent and Oxford Streets close by. All of our short term rentals London close to Piccadilly and surroundings are within strolling distance of the best shops, cafes, restaurants, sights and attractions in this, the heart of London.

Piccadilly Circus is a famous and iconic landmark, with it’s Fountain of Eros and it’s neon lights. The “Circus” here is from the Latin word for circle, and refers to a round, open space at a street junction, also used in Oxford and Cambridge Circus.  Entertainment, culture and places of interest are all around you here, a short stroll from your conveniently central short term rentals London.  “It’s like Piccadilly Circus around here” is a phrase used by Londoners to describe anywhere that they feel is as busy and crowded as this part of the centre always is, with it’s constant throng of traffic and people going in all directions.

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