Canary Wharf & Docklands

Considering serviced apartments in Canary Wharf?  The Docklands lie in east and southeast London and have a fascinating history. Previously known as The Port of London, they were once the largest port in the world. In medieval times, ships docked at small quays by the City but this location was unsuitable and cramped. The industry was moved and slowly developed during the Georgian and Victorian eras, lining the river with docks, warehouses, jetties, piers and wharfs. The various docks specialised in different produce, e.g. Millwall took grain, and St Katharine took wool, sugar and rubber, and so on. Each dock developed it’s own history and character and the people who lived and worked here had a unique slang and culture. Traces of this rich, unusual history is still felt today even after major modern redevelopment…the old world maritime culture has left it’s mark and continues to permeate the entire area. The Docklands has it’s own newspaper, and symphony orchestra. Charles Dickens loved this part of London and often wandered here to think and get inspiration. There are some marvelously atmospheric descriptions of the low lying marshes in Great Expectations and Our Mutual Friend.

Canary Wharf is part of the East End Docklands. It is one of the world’s leading financial and media centres, with Reuters, Trinity Mirror and Ogilvy all based here. It is the decisive British answer to Manhattan and is a busy business hub. With a vast array of shops, bars, restaurants and, of course, serviced apartments, this is a vibrant, exciting part of London. Visit the Museum in Docklands, venture further to find the local bars around the Isle of Dogs, or soak up the prominent maritime culture of the area.

This amazing regenerated area provides one of the best work, leisure and shopping environments in London. It’s also offers some of the most awe-inspiring modern architecture to be seen in the capital. A wonderful blend of the old and the new. The tall white Canary Wharf Tower was the tallest building in the country, recently surpassed by the Shard! You have a choice between two huge shopping malls, and most of the shops, bars and restaurants stay open seven days a week, till late.  Serviced apartments are plentiful nearby,

Enjoy the many parks, gardens, fountains and streams…some with an intricate, innovative design. Just by Canary Wharf underground, you will find Jubilee Gardens with its trees, flowers and walk-ways. The Wharf hosts more than 100 arts events each year, and there is a temporary ice-skating rink set up here each winter.  Rent smart serviced apartments and take advantage of the amenities in your spare time.

If you wish to look for original activities outside your area you’ll be spoiled for choice; you can find the best curry’s around on Brick Lane, soak up the naval history of Britain in Maritime Greenwich, or witness the heritage of the London 2012 Olympics at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  Limehouse DLR (Docklands Light Railway), South Quay DLR, Heron Quay DLR and Canary Wharf Underground (on the modern and speedy Jubilee line) all provide convenient links to the O2 Arena, the City, the West End and, of course, the rest of the East End.