Great cities like London dazzle and delight with lights, crowds and the noisy buzz of it’s hectic hotspots.  We all enjoy the historic expanse of Hyde Park, Wembley Stadium, Trafalgar Square or the famous West End theatres. Occasionally, however, even a true urbanite craves a space that is intimate, personal and quieter.  Still interesting, edgy and steeped in history, of course, just on a smaller scale.  Check out some of our favourite small venues, near our centrally located short term rentals London.


The Print Room is a small and very beautiful theatre inside the famous and much loved Coronet Cinema in west London’s Notting Hill.  This wonderful red and gold theatre is small, but spectacular and can be described as the perfect bijou theatre. The Coronet itself has quite a history within theatre of all kinds.  It is here that Sir John Gielgud saw Shakespeare performed for the first time in 1912.


Dublin Castle is a vibrant family run pub which also hosts some of the best live music in Camden. It is known as an “indie rock institution” and locals describe it as a great little pub as well an excellent place to hear some music or dance.  4 bands play every night, a DJ takes over after the bands on weekends, and there is also a jukebox in one of the bars.  This venue was one of the late, great Amy Winehouse’s favourite places to perform and relax.


The lovely, unique Green Park is the smallest of all London’s Royal Parks. Once open marsh land where lepers from the nearby St James Hospital were buried, it was originally known as Upper St James Park.  It was also a popular spot for duels, when such things took place in olde London Town and was a refuge for bandits and highwaymen.  Enjoy the peace and quiet that reigns here today amongst the hundreds of mature trees and sloping grassy banks.


Hidden away on Grosvenor Square in Mayfair, the lucky one’s in the know enjoy this classy little cocktail bar that pays tribute to the roaring twenties. The Luggage Room is utterly stylish and charming and manages to be both modern and a blast from the past at the same time.  Sit back and soak up the delightful, intimate atmosphere as they mix you a perfect cocktail at the bar.  Make ours a highball or a martini!

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