Home-sharing Insurance. We’ve got it covered.

The London Agent, together with GUARDHOG, have specifically created a new short let insurance product to cover hosts when they have paying guests to stay.


What is short let insurance?

GUARDHOG’s home-sharing insurance, Host Cover, is on-demand, pay by the stay ‘full-fat’ home insurance that covers the risks of having paying guests. GUARDHOG have designed the cover so that it dovetails with your existing home and contents insurance. And, there is no need to make any changes to your existing policy.


What does it cover?

GUARDHOG’s home-sharing Host Cover insurance covers:
- Malicious and accidental damage
- Theft by the guest and unforced entry
- Public liability
- Buildings and contents, and
- Communal areas.


On top of that…

As one can never be certain exactly what your existing insurance will do in the event of a claim when it’s unrelated to a guest, the policy states that if something is specifically excluded because of guests staying, you will be covered. For example, if there is a storm, your home floods and your insurer won’t pay because you had guests staying, then the GUARDHOG policy will. (Extreme example but you get the point).


What does it cost?

The costs vary depending on the host and the property, but start from as little as £2 per night as long as your using The London Agent.


What a brilliant idea! What do I do next?

We’re not the experts, GUARDHOG are. So please email [email protected] or look at their website www.guardhog.com. We’re hoping that you will take advantage of short let insurance. So, to ensure it’s as hassle free as possible we can set-up a feed to GUARDHOG that automatically allows them to see any new bookings. Once you have registered with GUARDHOG, simply opt for all bookings to be automatically covered. GUARDHOG will ask you if they may share your information with us; please do say yes.


Where can I get more information?

The GUARDHOG insurance policy is designed to dovetail with your existing home and contents insurance. Please read the insurance documents carefully so you understand what this policy provides, as well as the limitations and exclusions. GUARDHOG is underwritten by Hiscox Limited, a global insurer with an A+ rating by Fitch.

You can find these documents here:
View Policy Summary (pdf)
View Policy Wording (pdf)
View example Schedule (pdf)

If you have any questions, including information on how the short let insurance policy works or how to make a claim, please call GUARDHOG on 0207 199 6610, email [email protected], or look at www.guardhog.com.

GUARDHOG is a registered trading name of Insurance Tailors limited, a company registered in England and Wales number 5928330, whose registered office is at 1a May Road, London, TW2 6QW. Insurance Tailors is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.