London is a busy, bustling capital city in motion.  Moving around town from your London apartment rentals means joining the merry throng of people on foot, on public transport and on escalators!  Here are a few rules of the road for all you out-of-towners to help keep you alive on those mean streets and enjoying the ride.


You can’t be too careful when crossing the road, even if you are familiar with London – it is not always clear which side traffic is passing or coming from.  For many visitors, cars drive on the “wrong” side of the road in the UK and London’s streets and one way systems are complex.  On some main crossings you will see large lettering painted on the ground telling you which way to look – the smart pedestrian looks that way first and then the other, several times.  Always find a proper crossing to use, don’t jaywalk and never cross from behind parked cars.


Avoid looking like a tourist and go with the flow on the escalators underground.  If you want to walk down the moving escalator, you do so on the left.  If you want to stand still and catch your breath as you descend, you do this on the right.  Anyone planting themselves firmly on the left will be told in no uncertain terms to move or be shoved aside by commuters in a hurry behind them.  Don’t come to a dead stop when you step off the escalator, either!


While we’re underground, here are a few things to keep in mind to help make your tube journey hassle free.  Avoid main stations at peak travel times if you can, especially if you have luggage with you. Tube train doors open automatically and it is customary to allow passengers to get off first, before you get on. The strange sounding “mind the gap” instruction means that there will be a space between the train and the platform when you are getting off, so take care and watch where you step.


If you have stayed in our apartments in London before, you may have noticed that some cyclists can be a little crazy here; it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for them and be aware of them around you.  When you are crossing the road, getting out of a taxi or getting off a bus, cyclists and motorbikes may come whizzing past close by. Cyclists don’t always obey the rules of the road and sometimes cycle on the pavements (this is not allowed!)


Moving around can be a challenge for any visitor to our apartments to rent in London, especially if you are caught up in rush hour.  The delights of this great capital city make it all worthwhile however –  it’s easy to find a place of refuge away from the crowds and traffic roar.   The cultured calm of a museum or gallery can be a life saver.  Amble around at your own pace in one of the Royal parks or garden squares or enjoy an evening stroll down by the river.  Take your pick from the many cafes dotted around town; there’s a quiet corner table and a nice cup of tea waiting for you.