Hyde Park

holiday let in london hyde park

Wondering where to locate your holiday let in London? Hyde Park is a big, popular, sprawling park in central London where the range of activities and attractions really is rather impressive. Take your pick from swimming or boating in the Serpentine, to horse-riding, listening to music, or just lounging around and enjoying the general activity surrounding you! It is one of the royal parks and opens at 5 a.m every morning all your round, so you have plenty of time to enjoy it’s many delights. Created originally as a hunting ground for royalty…these days the pursuits here are a lot more cultured and laid-back and an excellent location for your holiday let in London.

Hyde Park offers cafes and restaurants, ice-cream in the summer or hot chocolate in the winter. There is a children’s playground, and The Lookout, which is an educational centre where people can learn about the natural world. There is a sports centre and tennis courts, boating of all kinds, and of course the much loved deck-chair hire! The park is ideal for long walks or runs, taking you all the way down into Kensington Gardens…the two parks run together eventually. Famous also for it’s music concerts, Hyde Park has seen some pretty amazing gigs of all kinds through the years, from The Rolling Stones in the sixties to more recent charity musical events. Proms in the Park is a newer addition to the musical agenda, and a very popular one with classical fans in London.

A holiday let in London near Hyde Park is sought after throughout the year,  If you think that things slow down in the winter, think again! Hyde Park hosts a wonderful Winter Wonderland with seasonal festivities and ice-skating… Speakers Corner up near Marble Arch is always well-worth a visit and is very popular with overseas visitors. It is an area at the top of Hyde Park where open, public speaking is allowed and encouraged. Here is your chance to witness English eccentricity first hand and hear what Londoners are discussing and debating.

Visit the Royal Parks webpage for all the information about this great, glittering green space near to your holiday let in London, that delights visitors and locals alike, and has been doing so for hundreds of years.