Some of the most interesting and informative museums in London are where someone once lived and worked! Learn more about some famous artists, professionals, normal working Londoners and fictional characters as you move from room to room and discover what home life was like for them. If you are staying with us this winter in one of our holiday apartments London, may we recommend these delightful house museums?


Conan Doyle’s fictional detective has as strong a following as ever and recent excellent films and TV series dedicated to Mr Holmes has endeared him to the younger generations. Visit the wonderful Sherlock Holmes Museum, located where the brilliant and moody sleuth and his patient friend and chronicler Dr Watson lived and worked, at 221 Baker Street. The first floor study is kept exactly as Mr Holmes would have had it in 1881 with all his working paraphernalia around, and you can sit in the great man’s armchair by the fire, if you like. All of our holiday apartments London here in Marylebone also benefit from being close to Madame Tussaud’s and Regent’s Park.


In beautiful Hampstead, you will find the former home of Sigmund Freud and his family.  The Freud’s escaped Austria after the Nazi envision in 1938 and made London their home. The most popular item here in the Freud Museum London is not found amongst the great psychiatrist’s papers and books.  It is his psychoanalytic couch which stands in his study exactly as it did when he practiced! Covered with a fine Oriental rug and Chenille cushions, it is said to be comfortable as well as beautiful to look at. Any of our holiday homes in Camden are within easy distance of Hampstead and it’s traditional pubs and tea rooms, plus the wonderful Heath, of course.


The beautiful Charles Dickens Museum in Bloomsbury is where Dickens lived with his wife and family and wrote some of his most well loved books, such as Oliver Twist.  This former home is especially charming to visit in the winter, as much is made at this time of year of how deeply an English Christmas is associated with Dickens and The Christmas Carol. See where the great writer worked, slept and dined.  Thousands of personal effects are on display including paintings, papers, notebooks, letters and rare editions of his books. Bloomsbury is one of London’s most lovely and cultured neighbourhoods and it is where we have some of our most popular short lets.


Lastly, Dennis Sever’s House in Spitalfields. This museum is utterly unique, totally fascinating and quite hard to classify.  Mr Sever was an American artist who adored London. He bought this East London house in the late 1960’s and proceeded to create a living house museum dedicated to bringing the past alive. Prepare to be astounded by atmosphere, mood and incredible detail in this time capsule, as you move from cellar to upstairs and discover how a family of Hugenot silk weavers lived and worked between 1724 – 1914. Stay in one of our holiday apartments London in Spitalfields and enjoy this iconic neighbourhood which is filled with art, markets and some very good restaurants.

Each of our holiday apartments London has its own neighbourhood description to keep you informed and entertained.  See our Free London Attractions guide to find out more about some of London’s most famous museums and galleries that are absolutely free to visit.  Just perfect for the winter!