rent in fitzrovia

Creative Fitzrovia has plenty to recommend it. It may be hard to narrow it down to 5 reasons but here goes:

1. People actually live here. Rent in London Fitzrovia and feel right at home in this comfortable area. It is not a tourist mecca. The bustle of the West End is close, but not close enough to bother you. Fitzrovia is a real London neighbourhood with a good community feel. Enjoy the charm and character of the area, with it’s slightly village atmosphere and wonderful Victorian architecture. Stroll down the side streets to find some unusual shops, pubs and galleries – Fitzrovia is renowned for them.

2. Fitzrovia is well connected. Rent in London Fitzrovia and you are close to major train stations such as Euston and Kings Cross / St Pancras – effectively connecting you within minutes to the Continent. The Crossrail transport upgrade has invested £1bn in Tottenham Court Road train station alone – it will link the West End to Canary Wharf in 12 minutes, Stratford in 13 minutes and Heathrow in less than 30 minutes.

3. The wonderful Regent’s Park is walking distance. Enjoy this huge green space where you can relax, play sports, row a boat, attend open air theatre or visit the zoo! Your Fitzrovia flat may be inner city but you are stumbling distance to one of the greatest Royal London Parks.

4. This is a food-lovers heaven! You have a fully equipped kitchen if you rent in London Fitzrovia but that does not mean you always have to cook. Enjoy the best choice of eateries to be found in central London. There is a restaurant, cafe or pub to suit everybody and all budgets, from the new and original to comforting old favourites, from international cuisine to modern English.

5. The name itself – Fitzrovia.  What a lovely name it is. It suits the area well and rolls off the tongue. It is derived from The Fitzroy Tavern on Charlotte Street which was frequented by local artists in days gone by. We love the sound of it – say it out loud “I have a home in Fitzrovia.”

The London Agent has not one, but three modern short let studio apartments to rent in the same Fitzrovia building. They are some of our most sought after short let flats and well reviewed. Rent in London Fitzrovia and you will not be disappointed.


London holiday lets near London museums

Geffrey Museum

visit london museums

London holiday lets in the East End are popular and plentiful.  If you visit London and stay in the East End then the Geffrey Museum is a must see. If you want to see for yourself and learn more about how people have lived through the centuries, this is museum for you!

People tend to get all misty eyed when talking about and recommending the Geffrye Museum to others. One visitor is quoted on their webpage as saying that she wished she had discovered this place years ago and would spread the word. It is also often described as an oasis in the heart of the city as it is surrounded by gardens, and located in old almshouses – large houses built to provide care and shelter for the aging and the poor.  If you plan to visit London, search carefully and you may even find London holiday lets nearby.

Before you visit London, peruse the website to discover more .  Here is a paragraph quoted from the museum’s own webpage describing their mission:
The Geffrye focuses on the urban living rooms and gardens of the English middle classes. Our collections show how homes have been used and furnished over the past 400 years, reflecting changes in society and behaviour as well as style, fashion and taste. A series of period rooms lead visitors on a walk through time from 17th century oak furniture and panelling, past muted Georgian elegance and eclectic Victorian style, to 20th century modernity and contemporary living.  These rooms are complemented by a sequence of period gardens and a walled herb garden which illustrate the role of the garden in home life. The gardens are open from 29 March to 31 October.  The Geffrye is a much-loved gem in the lively and creative Hoxton area – historically a centre for furniture-making and market gardening.

This wonderful museum in located in Hoxton E2, once of London’s most popular and vibrant areas – we offer several London holiday lets in this location.
“Fantastic location in a hip and culturally diverse area of London. In the immediate area head East towards Hoxton and the lively local street markets of Columbia Road flower market, Brick Lane, Broadway Market, Spitalfields and Pettycoat Lane. Much loved by artists and city financiers alike the area offers vibrant restaurants, music venues, bars and night life as well as renowned galleries and museums – the Cube and Geffrye Museum being perhaps best known.”

When you visit London you will discover that London holiday lets in Hoxton and Shoreditch are popular through the year and quality homes are booked well in advance.

visit london in winter

Not the most obvious choice but winter can be good time to visit London.

  • Firstly because winter in London is generally very mild.  Maybe a bit of rain and grey days but nothing too stressful.
  • Secondly, because if it does snow here it is completely beautiful.
  • Thirdly, because winter is when you will get the very best deals on rental rates in central London.  Many properties offer discounts during January and February – that post Xmas quiet time when everybody slows down a bit.

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