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A reminder of the wealth of cultural attractions available to our apartments to rent in London visitors is always welcome.  A rather brilliant truth about London is that you can always find new venues to explore, many of which you never knew existed!   There are some real gems out there just waiting to be discovered, old and new and some free of charge.

Westminster Abbey Museum – a brand new gallery

Wandering around the astounding Westminster Abbey is a favourite of many of our apartments in London visitors and from 11 June 2018 you will be able to visit the brand new Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries. This new addition to the Abbey will be found 16 metres up in the medieval Triforium and will display the treasures and collections of this ancient and historic place to the public for the very first time.  Not to be missed will be the excellent views out over the Palace of Westminster.

The Old Operating Theatre –  surgery in the 1800’s

This fascinating Old Operating Theatre  will be of particular interest to all fans of medical dramas, medical students and future surgeons who are renting one of our apartments in London.  You will be grateful that you live in times of reliable anaesthesia once you hear the stories told in the weekly talks held here. The theatre is located in an attic in what was once an old church in St Thomas’s Hospital and it is reached via a spiral staircase.  This is the oldest surviving theatre of it’s kind to be found in Europe.

The Order of St John Museum – ancient healing Knights and a modern charity

This ancient religious order had it’s beginnings in 11th century Jerusalem, caring for ailing pilgrims in the holy land. The international first aid charity St John’s Ambulance takes it’s name from this same order, with it’s famous cross logo. The cross was found on the robes of those first healing Knights and is now recognised as a symbol of humanitarian care.  To learn more about Shakespeare’s and Dickens’s connection to this unique museum, visit this beautiful Tudor building and enjoy a stroll around the lovely Cloister gardens.

The Old Bailey – London’s historic criminal court

The Central Criminal Court of England and Wales, better known as The Old Bailey, is a fascinating and historic place.  It is one of the functioning courts of London and part of The Crown Court.  Major London criminal cases are heard here and it is open to the public, with strict security measures in place at all times.  An inscription at the entrance reads: “Defend the children of the poor and punish the wrongdoer.”  The judge is addressed as My Lord or My Lady, just in case you find yourself called on to testify!

Handel & Hendrix Museum – two of London’s musical icons!

I bet that most of our London apartment rentals visitors don’t know that the much loved German composer Friedrich Handel lived the last 40 years of his life in Mayfair and that Jimi Hendrix lived next door for a while, 200 years later!   Two lovely Georgian townhouses in marvellous Mayfair were home to these musical giants who changed music forever.  Their former homes are now a gorgeous museum where live music plays an important role. Enjoy baroque concerts, rehearsals, musical talks and late night openings here in the heart of London.