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What is the City?

Planning to visit London and looking for extended stay accommodations offering easy access to the City?  Firstly, it is useful to know exactly what The City (also referred to as just City, or the Square Mile) is.  Visitors and tourists often get confused about this; they understandably assume that it is the entire capital city of London that is being referred to, as you would talk about New York City. Not so.

The City (always written in capitals) is a separate district and it lies inside London Town. It was the London of Roman times and it is the centre around which the rest of London Town has grown. The City carries enormous historical and financial weight.  Also known as The Square Mile because of it’s approximate size, it is one of two districts that hold individual City status in London; the other being The City of Westminster.

The City lies inside the great metropolis of London and refers to a specific area whose boundaries have remained unchanged since the Middle Ages. It was once completely surrounded by city walls, but there are only a few remains of these to see today, for example at London Wall close to Tower Hill.  Place names such as Aldgate, Bishopsgate, Ludgate and Moorgate indicate where the main gates of the town were.

The Temple Bar Memorial marks the boundary between The City and Westminster, and statues of dragons mark it’s borders.  It has it’s own flag, motto, coat of arms, mayor, laws and police force. This is London’s historical heart as well as it’s major business and financial centre.  Along with New York City, this is the financial capital of the world. The London Stock Exchange, Lloyds of London and the Bank of England are all based here.  Extended stay accommodations are now sought after in the square mile and are perfect when you visit London for work or leisure.

With 800 odd years of history behind it, there is plenty to see and do in this cultural and historical gem of an area. Find all the museums, churches, galleries and open green spaces that you need as well as plenty of shops, bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants, of course.

If you were to visit London in earlier years, The City would have been quieter on the weekends.  This was because the banks were closed and the vast majority of City workers would commute to work on week days only.  These days, the area is much more alive and bustling on holidays and weekends.  Locals and visitors are keen to visit The Museum of London, The Barbican Centre, The Tower of London & Traitor’s Gate, The Monument, (to commemorate the Great Fire of London in 1666), Tower Bridge,  St Paul’s Cathedral, the markets of Leadenhall and Old Spitalfields, and oh, so much more. Extended stay accommodations are now plentiful and there is no need to commute!

The City is a city within a city.  It is small, but bursting at the seams with history, culture and energy. It also offers up some of the best views to be seen anywhere, blending spectacular new and innovative bridges and buildings with old beloved ones.  Ask us about extended stay accommodations when you visit London – we offer plenty!