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What floor am I on?

What floor is my apartment on?

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Raised ground floor

When you plan to visit London you may read property details which refer to a London flat as being on the “raised ground floor”.  Many buildings have a few steps to walk up before you reach the main entrance to the building.  The entrance is not on street level but rather it is “raised” a meter or so above the street.  You are therefore on the raised ground floor.





Short lets in LondonFirst floor

First floor seems to cause a bit of confusion as many people abroad regard our ground floor level as their first floor.  This is not the case here.  When you visit London you will discover that we start at ground floor – this is the level at which you enter the building.  The first floor is the next level up.



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Basement or lower ground

Another great London flat is the basement flat, aka lower ground floor.  These are mostly found in buildings with a raised ground floor, therefore allowing space to include a level which is largely underground.