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Short term let London – Russell Square, Bloomsbury

Looking for a short term let London in leafy Bloomsbury, close to The British Museum and the University of London?  The atmosphere of this genteel central London neighbourhood is heady with culture and learning.


Russell Square with it’s greenery and pretty benches is one of those perfect spots to sit and rest.   Bloomsbury itself has plenty of historic and learned charm to boast of, making it an ever popular choice for students and culture lovers looking for a short term let London. The cabman’s shelter you see here on the square is one of just 13 of these little refuges that still exist in London today. They were established in the 1800’s as places of rest for horse and carriage cab drivers and they are now Grade II Listed Buildings.


Bloomsbury is strongly associated with literature, and Russell Square reinforces this trend. Many of London’s most famous poets and writers frequented the square at one time or another, including T. S Eliot and some also lived here or nearby for a time. Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury set of writers and painters are perhaps the most well known.  We are certain that Virginia sat on a bench in Russell Square many times in her day, lost in thoughts of her new book.


The Russell Hotel looms large on the Square and it is a formidable example of Victorian architecture.  It’s interior is as luxurious and plush as the outside would suggest. The hotel’s restaurant is an exact copy of the main restaurant on board The Titanic; they shared the same architect and designer.  In 2002, Russell Square was re-designed in keeping with it’s original lay-out.  A fountain was built that shoots up high jets of water that land again with a tremendous splash, making this a popular place for children to visit in the summer.

Read our Bloomsbury area guide to find out more and peruse our Bloomsbury short term let London selection at ease. This neighbourhood and its surrongdings is one of the safest and most pleasant in central London, making it a popular choice for a holiday home when you visit London.

Short term apartment rentals London – Soho Square, Soho.

Soho Square is a garden square in the heart of Soho that dates from 1681, with it’s own atmosphere and character in keeping with the neighbourhood. Depending on the day, the square is lovely and delightful or a little scruffy around the edges, which is all part of it’s charm. Soho is a popular central neighbourhood to find short term apartment rentals London; you will never be bored here.


This central green space with it’s little wooden gardener’s hut was originally called King Square after Charles III, whose statue stands within it. Poor Charles III; his statue was removed from here sometime in the 1700’s for much needed restoration and it spent years being passed from place to place in various stages of repair.  You will be relieved to hear that it was eventually returned, fully restored, to Soho Square.  The infamous White House Brothel was located here between 1778 and 1801 and in the later 1800’s the Square was known for the several antiquarian booksellers who set up business here.


Soho Square hosts live music concerts in the summer and it is popular with local office workers who like to eat their lunch on the grass or on a bench in the sunshine, before heading back to work.  One of it’s benches was bought by fans in memory of the much loved late singer/songwriter Kirsty Mc Coll, who wrote a song called Soho Square.  Her lyrics are quoted on the bench.  Soho Square is home now to many famous media and music corporations, such as Paul Mc Cartney’s MPL and Sony Music.  There are some historic music clubs to enjoy within strolling distance of your Soho short term apartment rentals London, such as Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club.


Charing Cross Road and Shaftesbury Avenue with all it’s theatres are well known to all, but wander down the many interesting side-streets of Soho, off the beaten track.  You will find some good cafes, bistros and restaurants here, where local Londoners like to eat and relax. The area is known for some of the most famous and popular clubs and bars of central London, with Oxford Street and all the shops and boutiques of the West End close by.  Read our Soho area guide to find out more and peruse our Soho short term apartment rentals London to find the holiday let here that suits you best.


Short term apartment rentals London – Denmark Street, Soho

Denmark Street in Soho is the street in the capital most associated with music, namely jazz, rhythm & blues and pop. It is known as London’s Tin Pan Alley because of it’s fascinating connection with popular music, musicians and song-writing. Any short term apartment rentals London close to Charing Cross Road and it’s surroundings has London’s cultural heart right outside the door.

Guitars and Music Shops

Denmark Street contains the most music shops in London, (mostly guitars these days), but this is the place to head to for anything and everything music related. Many famous (and infamous!) musicians recorded, played or bought their instruments on Denmark Street. The wonderful display of guitars hanging in many of the shop windows is a sight worth seeing, even if you don’t plan to buy one.

It’s London’s Tin Pan Alley.

Running off Charing Cross Road, Denmark Street is one of the few streets in London with terraced facades on both sides of the road. Denmark Place is a small courtyard at the back of the street. The street supplied sheet music to the public already in Victorian Times as music publishers had moved here in order to supply the musicians working in the nearby theatres and concert halls. It was in the 1920’s that it became known as Tin Pan Alley. Low rents of the day attracted struggling artists and musicians, and soon Denmark Street became known for it’s shops, music publishers, studios and venues for musicians.

Charing Cross Road and Books.

Denmark Street is a side road to Charing Cross Road, which is just as iconic and stuffed with cultural atmosphere as Soho itself.  There are some good pubs and bars to be found in this part of central London and you are within strolling distance of the entire West End, making it the ideal location for short term apartment rentals London. Charing Cross Road’s well known connection and history with books can still be felt today. World famous Foyles Bookshop is still going strong, and there are some good second hand bookshops to browse in.

Elton John wrote a song here.

Come and hang out here and imagine the thousands of young musical hopeful’s of the past walking to Denmark Street to see who they may bump into there.  Imagine the young and beautiful Rolling Stone’s turning up, ciggies dangling jauntily from their lips, eager to record their first album. Elton John apparently wrote his much loved Your Song here.  Rock on, Denmark Street…the record labels may have changed music forever, but on this particular Soho side-street, the heart of the song-writer still beats beautifully in time.

Read our Soho area guide to find out more about the many delights of this popular part of central London and why it is so sought after. We have a great little selection of short term apartment rentals London to choose from in this conveniently central location with so much to recommend it.


Short term lets london – harley street, marylebone

Looking for a short term lets London close to Marylebone and Regent’s Park? The rather famous and distinguished Harley Street lies in this pleasant and popular part of London.


Mention Harley Street and people think of excellence in medicine and doctors offices.  This world famous street in Westminster has been known since the 19th century for it’s large number of doctors specialising in various forms of medicine, especially surgery. Licensing was not that easy to come by once Harley Street became the respected medical centre of the world.  Doctors were thoroughly investigated and approved before being allowed to practice here, ensuring that professional and high standards were observed and maintained.


In 1914 there were perhaps 200 doctors located here and today there are more than 3000. Roomy and safe housing quickly developed in this area.  Also the fact that railway stations such as King’s Cross, Paddington, Euston and later Marylebone are close-by was a real attraction for professionals seeking to start a clinic. The centrally convenient location of the street was a huge benefit, of course. These days, both of these practicalities are equally convenient and appealing for anyone looking for short term lets London.


Harley Street lies north of Oxford Street and is close to Marylebone High Street ensuring that all your shopping needs are well met.  The always wonderful Regent’s Park which is home to London Zoo is close by, as are other attractions and places of interest such as The Sherlock Holmes Museum and Madame Tussaud’s. In fact, central London is easily accessible from here, making this the ideal neighbourhood to find short term lets London in. You will find everything you need in the way of cafes and restaurants too, of course.

Read our area guide for Marylebone to learn more about this particular part of London, with so much to recommend it.  Our Marylebone short term lets London enjoy all the benefits and attractions of this cultured and pleasant part of central London.