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Short term lets London – Trafalgar Square, WESTMINSTER

Good old Trafalgar Square with it’s lions and fountains.  Solid, reliable and hectic with the bustle of tourists and visitors and the rush of buses and cabs zooming around it’s borders. Any short term lets London close to the Square really are in the heart of central London and within strolling distance of so many great museums, attractions and cultural places of interest.


In the recent past, tourists came as much for the pigeons as for all the culture and history! School children on their first trip to London Town always spent an hour shrieking with delight on Trafalgar Square, taking pictures of their friends with pigeons on their heads. Feeding the birds was popular since Victorian times, when you were able to buy feed from sellers on the Square itself. The mayor of London eventually banned the feeding of the birds some years ago, as they are messy and aggressive, so don’t expect to find great congregations of pigeons here now.  Luckily, there are many nicer and cleaner attractions a mere stroll away, such as The National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery and St Martins in the Fields, which is the parish church of Buckingham Palace.


The Square was built to commemorate the famous victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, which took place in the waters of Cape Trafalgar in Cadiz, Southern Spain. Nelson was victorious and now stands tall on his column in case anyone should forget! This large, historic square is now a favourite spot for demonstrations, celebrations and rallies of all kinds.  The three plinths here hold statues of the great and the good, while the fourth plinth has displayed various art pieces in recent years, which has proved popular with the public. When you have had your fill of the Square, stroll pleasantly around and explore Westminster from any of our short term lets London in the immediate and surrounding areas.


Such an pleasant sight and certainly one of London’s most iconic – the large fountains of Trafalgar Square in full flow and the famous and rather wonderful bronze lions at the base of Nelson’s Column, which were cast in 1867.  Norway donates a huge fir tree every December to thank the English for their help during WW II.  The tree is beautifully decorated and displayed here and it is one of the most magnificent and festive sights to be seen in the winter gloom.

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