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Short lets London – Portobello Road, Notting Hill

The well loved and trendy Portobello Road is one of the most popular locations for short lets London. An obvious association with Notting Hill’s most famous road is the popular street market held there every Saturday, but this lovely street has so much more to recommend it. The wide range of communities that are to be found here give the area its vibrant, energetic atmosphere, and the many pubs, bars and restaurants play a big part too.

This long, pleasant, meandering road with its mid Victorian terraced houses has its many tiny shops all bunched together, giving the road and area a unique, intimate feel. The locals campaign strongly to keep the road as it is, free from chain stores and other high street influences which would ruin the look and feel of the place. This kind of character and charm is maintained with the hard work and care from the locals and shop-keepers and it seems to be working well.

The original name for this street was Green’s Lane, but naval history intervened and robbed Mr Green of his Lane forever, whoever he was! After a hard fought battle in Panama in times gone by, the town of Puerto Bello was captured, and Green Lane W11 was changed to Portobello Road in honour of this historic event! Whatever the details, we think you will agree that the present name sounds much more glamourous and is in better keeping with the general character of the area, so hooray for that old English victory. The wonderful Electric Cinema is to be found here, which is one of London’s oldest and most charming cinemas.

The famous Portobello Road Market is held on Saturdays and draws visitors and locals in their thousands, whatever the weather.  Any of our short lets London in Notting Hill will be a pleasant stroll away from the market.  The many fruit & veg and flower stalls here also open during the week and the interesting specialist shops also open on a daily basis. The food markets were the first to open in the 18th century and the antique dealers came in the 1940’s and 50’s. The antique market is now the largest of its kind in Britain. The list of shows, songs, films, stories and poems that mention Portobello Road is a long one. It seems this charming, winding road has captured the imagination of many artists and artisans! Long may the market prosper…it’s popularity soars with each passing year.

Read our area guide for Notting Hill which informs and entertains you with the many attractions and delights of the area, including it’s close proximity to Kensington Gardens and Holland Park. Our Notting Hill short lets London selection includes some of our most attractive and popular self catering holiday homes.

Short let London – Fleet Street, The City


Looking for a short let London flat?  Whether it’s for work or for leisure, staying close to Fleet Street and its surroundings is the perfect City location.



Fleet Street with it’s cool, rhyming street name immediately makes you think of busy newspaper men and copy-boys.  The name conjures up haste, industry and everything connected to newspapers in the capital.  This image really is in the past now, although I think that many people still retain this slightly romantic idea of Fleet Street. The press and the media have not ruled here since the 1980’s, and Reuters were the very last to leave in 2005. For hundreds of years before that, it was every young journalist and newspaper man’s dream to work here.  There was no location in all of London that could rival it when it came to the press.



Fleet Street was named for The River Fleet. This river, which now flows underground, was one of London’s largest and it has a fascinating history all it’s own. From the earliest part of the 13th century, this street was known as Fleet Bridge Street and the eastern part of the street was where the River Fleet flowed up to the ancient walls of London. This street and area had many inns, as it was the main route into The City. Many famous and important people frequented these inns, taverns and coffeehouses and some of the original names are still to be found here today, such as Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese.



The Fleet Street of old is no longer there, but the energy and industry of The City remains, in a new and modern form.  London moves on with time and as the old slowly fades away, something exciting replaces it. Fleet Street and its surroundings remains as fascinating and seeped in history as it always was and that’s why many locals and visitors look for a short let London here. You will find that the recent and more distant past never disappears completely in a place such as this. There are traces of it everywhere and the River Fleet flows on beneath the timeless streets of London.


For those visitors who would like to learn more, read our special City guide dedicated to this ancient and historical part of London and browse short let London flats on our site.

Short term rentals London – Carnaby Street, Soho

If you are a dedicated follower of fashion then you should choose one of our short term rentals London near the always fabulous Carnaby Street in London’s West End. This popular pedestrianised street in the heart of London is as trendy and visited as it ever was during it’s swinging sixties heyday.


Enjoy browsing and shopping in the many small boutiques and other fashion retailers here and take a break in one of the many good cafes and restaurants on the street itself and nearby. All of your shopping and entertainment requirements will be met, should you be smart enough to choose a short term rentals London here.  In 1966, Lady Jane opened it’s doors and it was one of the first ladies fashion boutiques, becoming well known quickly and attracting the rich and infamous from around the globe. It was also around this time that the street became pedestrianised, to make strolling and window shopping easier.  Probably also to allow fashionistas to strut their stuff in style.


Carnaby Street’s association with the swinging sixties and the music scene is well documented. Many of the most popular bands and musicians back then were playing in the clubs around Soho, or recording there. Soon, most of the best and successful fashion designers of the day had their boutiques here, such as Mary Quant, so it didn’t take long for the fashion and music world to join forces and make this part of central London one of the most hip and happening! The number of famous songs that mention Carnaby Street are too numerous to mention and many music videos have been filmed here. Carnaby Street, The Musical opened in 2013 and is set in the sixties.


Carnaby Street lies in Soho, with Oxford Street and Regent Street a mere stroll away.  The nearest underground station is Oxford Circus. What else could you ask for in the way of location for your short term holiday let? Enjoy all the shops, department stores, entertainment and places of interest that Soho and it’s equally fabulous neighbouring areas have to offer.

Read our area guide for Soho to find out more about this popular and well loved part of The West End and it’s surroundings. Have a look at our excellent selection of short term rentals London in this area and pick the one that suits you best!

Short term rentals London – THE PIAZZA at Covent Garden

Coven’t Garden’s Piazza is one of the best known and most loved open squares in central London.  Anyone who chooses one of our short term rentals London here or close by, is fortunate indeed. This thriving, busy, fun and popular open space is as alive and filled with attractions as ever, eagerly visited both by locals and visitors, young and old.


The Piazza was the first modern square in London and a market was started on the south side of it which was eventually completed in 1830.  The market of old was mainly associated with flowers, and Eliza Doolittle, that Fair Lady who acquired a posh accent and charmed  Society, was originally a Covent Garden flower girl. Today’s modern market has many stalls offering a wide variety of goods.


The Piazza and it’s surroundings is filled with cafes & restaurants, shops and boutiques…you can wander around here all day enjoying the hustle and bustle and the energy. Prepare to be tempted by ice-cream parlours and quaint tea shops, that are irresistible. There will be live music to enjoy, often classical, the players competing with the street performers for your time and attention, and hoping for a coin or two for their efforts.


Covent Garden’s street performers and entertainers are licensed and have set time-slots. One of the first to mention this kind of open air theatre and entertainment in this area was Pepys, that famous London diarist of old.  He wrote of a Punch and Judy show he enjoyed in Covent Garden in the summer of 1662.  The delighted laughter of children caught up in the fun and thrill a live performance can still be heard here . Prepare to be shocked out of your sight-seeing and shopping daze by some daring and innovative performers.


This location takes some beating and is one of the most ideal and popular locations for short term rentals London.  Not only do you have all the local splendours to hand, but a close proximity to Leicester Square, Piccadilly, Regent’s Street and Oxford Street. Explore the many interesting side streets of Covent Garden which should not be overlooked. Take a stroll off the beaten square and you will find churches, museums, independent retailers and plenty of good pubs, bars, bistros and restaurants, frequented by locals and visitors alike.

Read our Covent Garden area guide to find out more about this area and all it’s wonderful West End neighbours and peruse a comprehensive selection of all of our Covent Garden short term rentals London to find the holiday let that suits you best.