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Some of the place names in London seem created specifically to sort the locals from the visitors.  All those olde English words with their silent ‘L’s and ‘W’s’; perfect to trip up your tongue and confuse you completely.  But do not despair, simply refer to our handy little London guide below and all will be as clear as London mud.  If you are really stuck here is a nifty website that will pronounce the word for you, so, make like Eliza and and get your mouth around all those old vowels.  You will be navigating London like a Londoner in no time !


Aldwych ald-witch / auldwych
Aldgate Or’git / Old-Gate
Borough borra / burra
Carshalton car-shol-ten
Chiswick chis-ik
Clerkenwell clark-enwell
Deptford det-ford
Earls Court erls-cort
Grosvenor grow-venna
Knightsbridge naits-brij
Holborn ho-bern / O’bn
/ Hob’n
/ Ho-Burn
 with emphasis on first syllable.
Isleworth isel-werth
Loughton lo-ton
Marylebone marli-bone / marlee-b’n
Plaistow plast-o
Sloane slown
Streatham stret-am
Sydenham sid-in-am
Ruislip rai-slip
Silent Southwark suth-uk
Streatham stret-am
Thames temms
Vauxhall vox-all / or voc-sall
Wimbledon wimbel-dun
Woolwich wull-ich